Sports A/C & Play by Play
Animated, Amusing, Announcer, Authoritative, Believable, Confident, Dynamic, Exciting, Passionate.”Highlight Reel” demonstrates on air radio and television skills as both a commentator and an experienced play by play announcer.

Announcer, Attitude, Attractive, Confident, Conversational, Warm, Informed, Guy Next Door, Believable. Commmercial Demo for TV and Radio. Hard sell, Informative and attention getting. Proven results. Will Sell your Product!

Auto Dealerships
Announcer, Attitude, Authoritative, Believable, Booming, Confident, Conversational, Deep, Explosive. A wide variety of styles as demanded by the Automobile Industry. We’re only “scratching the surface” with this demo.

Authoritative, Believable, Corporate, Executive, Informative, Technical. Steven Stone’s narrations for corporate, business, web presentations and films.


Radio ID’s and Imaging
Announcer, Extreme, High Energy, Imaging, Strong, Upbeat. A montage of Steven Stone’s Radio ID’s and Imaging.


Audio Books
Warm, Emphatic, Dramatic, Convincing, Believable, Friendly, Happy, Narrator, Storyteller. A montage of Steven Stone’s Audio Book performances.


Announcer, Attitude, Attractive, Confident, Conversational, Warm, Informed, Guy Next Door, Believable. Infomercial Demo for TV and Radio.


On Hold
Attractive, Confident, Conversational, Corporate, Friendly, Genuine, Natural. Montage of Steven Stone’s Phone IVRs/On-Hold Messaging.


Radio Air Check
A career as a radio broadcaster spanning over three decades, Steven Stone is at ease, entertaining a wide variety of guests, subjects and listeners.


Authoritative, Classy, Concerned, Scientific, Technical. Medical Voice for hospital and pharmaceutical presentations.


Video Game Trailer
Animated, Announcer, Attitude, Characters, Cocky. A video game trailer performed by Steven Stone for PlayStation.


Authoritative, Believable, Confident, Corporate, Professional. A montage of Steven Stone’s financial presentations.


Films and Documentaries
Authoritative, Believable, Confident, Informative, Narrator, Professional, Sincere, Smooth, Sophisticated, Warm. Steven Stone’s film & movie trailers and documentaries.

E Learning and Educational
Authoritative, Believable, Confident, Conversational, Educational, Informative. E-Learning for both business and educational needs. Varied styles from light and humorous to technical and medical.

Concert Promo
Animated, Announcer, Booming, Charismatic, Dynamic, Explosive. A montage of a variety of concert promos by Steven Stone crossing a number of musical genres.